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A E Huddleston Ltd is based just outside Lancaster. We specialise in the designing and machining of complete machines or compents for numerous industries as well as the repair and fabrication of agricultural machines, built to last.

You will be able to contact us on 01524 66914 or Email us

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Drinkwater mushrooms

About AE Huddleston

The combination of fabrication & precision engineering and our ability to work from engineering drawings, back of an envelope sketches or simply verbal descriptions, means we can offer complete solutions, from design to manufacture.

AE Huddleston was established in the village of Quernmore in 1968, by Fred Huddleston as an agricultural contracting and engineering business, catering for the needs of local farmers.

In the early years the contracting side of the business was based around land drainage, for which Fred made much of his own machinery. His engineering abilities combined with his creativity and problem solving skills meant that over the years the engineering became a larger proportion of the business, including both the manufacture of specialised machines and general repairs and modifications.

In 2003 Fred’s son John took over the business. The skills, which John had learned from Fred, combined with his degree in mechanical engineering and 8 years experience in aerospace and nuclear engineering enabled the broadening of the range of services offered. With investment in machinery and expansion of the workshops more of the precision machining was brought in house.

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You will be able to contact us on 01524 66914 or Email us

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